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Biology - Mnemonic Keywords



A picture of an organ can be used as a mnemonic to emphasize that organelles are the organs of a cell.


Purpose of Strategy/Approach


Use mnemonic strategies for keywords to link known word usually with a visual to the word being taught.


Rationale of Lesson


Understanding of this topic is fundamental to understanding the makeup of living organisms and ultimately how the human body works. Cell structures and functions enable cells to function independently or as part of multicellular organisms. The interdependence of cell structures within a cell mirror the interdependence of organs to the well-being of the human body.


Acknowledgment of Content Expert and Consultants


Carlye Mascorro, Ladimae M. T. Daoayan, and Dr. Anila Asghar


  • index card sized copies of the pictures from the lesson plan for each student
  • index cards
  • glue sticks
  • pens/pencils
  • overhead projector

References and Web Resources


Mnemonic Keyword References and Web Resources