Johns Hopkins University Secondary Support Initiative (JHUSSI)  

SLANT Mnemonic



Purpose of Strategy/Approach


Use the acronym mnemonic SLANT to increase class participation by increasing a student ‘s nonverbal positive “teacher-pleasing” behaviors in any content class.


Rationale of Lesson


Comprehending this topic is fundamental to understanding the makeup of dramas and ultimately how plays are created. The six elements composing a play combine to create a story through dramatic effect. Being able to deconstruct a play will enable the reader to comprehend the deeper meaning behind symbols in the play.


Acknowledgment of Content Expert and Consultants


Pam Mayette and Dr. Mary Ellen Beatty-O’Ferrall

Lesson Plan


SLANT Mnemonic Step-by-Step Instructions


Materials Needed


SLANT slide, SLANT poster (at least one), copies of SLANT that can fit on an index card, index cards, glue sticks, tape, overhead projector or computer with projector, SLANT self-monitoring checklist, timer, computer(s) with Microsoft Excel software, and English journals (optional)

Support Materials




SLANT Monitoring Checklist

References and Web Resources


SLANT Mnemonic References and Web Resources