Johns Hopkins University Secondary Support Initiative (JHUSSI)  

Identify, Define, and Agree on the Behavior of Concern


(, 2015)


Purpose of Strategy/Approach


Behaviors cannot be thoroughly assessed without observing the student before, during, and after the occurrence. Through observations, data collection, and interviews with the student, parent, teacher, and other school staff, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team will be able to objectively determine the function of the behavior and create an appropriate behavioral intervention plan to address the target behavior.

Rationale of Lesson


Comprehension of this topic is essential/fundamental to understanding the causal relationships of behavior, the function it serves for students, and the behavior’s impact on the role of the Individualized Education Program team when considering strategies, replacement behaviors, and supports.

Acknowledgment of Content Expert and Consultants


Jill DelViscio

Support Materials


Behaviors of Concern Chart